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Mindful Documentation

“Traces of beauty exist everywhere around us,” says Mark Forbes, a photographer recognised for atmospheric images of urban landscapes.

5 to See:
London Festival of Architecture

Throughout the month of June, a programme of exhibitions, installations, talks, debates – both physical and virtual – explores the theme of ‘care’.

Tactile Framing

Tbilisi-based George Tyebcho’s digital scenes are mysterious and evocative; there’s a sense of narrative lurking behind the polished exterior.

Visions of Home

We have spent more time at home than ever before. Winners of the Life Framer Photography Prize reflect on domestic spaces through the lens.

Hidden Forces

The title of Joanna Piotrowska’s new collection, Stable Vices, yields many possible readings. Entrapment emerges as a key theme throughout.

Questions of Being

What does it mean to be human? Paulo Abreu’s images are rich in metaphor and surrealism, probing how it feels to exist in today’s world.

Reflections on the Pandemic

Prix Pictet presents a bold and original publication, highlighting a range of responses to the pandemic through the eyes of 43 visual artists.

Natural Reflections

Rui Sha is an artist with a focus on sculpture and new media. A background as a furniture designer in her native Beijing and an MFA from the School of Art Institute of Chicago have influenced her art practice. Video and nature soundscapes are combined with objects fabricated with natural materials to become carriers of emotional expressions.

Automated by Design

@rachaellic will continue posting images on Instagram without human intervention, as long as the computer on which she is running is online.

Picturing the Future

From the climate crisis to government surveillance and capitalism, exhibitions and events in Belfast – launching this June – offer visions of tomorrow.

Plastic Ocean

Dutch-born Thirza Schaap is fighting plastic pollution, transforming bottles, toothbrushes, lighters and disposable cutlery into sculptures.

Working With Nature

We speak to Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, who explores our relationship with non-human life, considering how the natural world might evolve.

Niamh Cullen

Niamh Cullen is an aspiring children’s illustrator whose work is focused on the playful, exploring themes of childhood, magic and wonder.

Bethany Wilson

Bethany Wilson’s work explores bodily landscapes through drawing, mark-making and staining with inks and watered-down pigments.

Lucy Nettleton

Making sculptural obstacles is a main theme within Lucy Nettleton’s practice; the artist compels the audience to engage with her work.

Amelia Wilson-Wood

Illustrator Amelia Wilson-Wood’s energetic imagery is focused on organic and natural forms – combined with a love and passion for music.

Hope Mitchell-Graham

Hope Mitchell-Graham’s craft-based work focuses on her identity as a woman and how this intersects with a new identity as a disabled person.

Laura Campbell

Laura Campbell communicates her experience of chronic illness and the impact it has on the body through intimate and intrusive artworks.

Luca Roys

Luca Roys is invested in “night studies” as a genre that delights and inspires, as familiar places are cast as underworlds of play and potential.

Ashlee Hallas

Method and media are interconnected in Ashlee Hallas’ portfolio. Her approach often consists of deconstruction and collage.

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