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A Wider Lens

“This is what builds the future.” Magnum Photos’ new nominees are Sabiha Çimen, Hannah Price, Khalik Allah, Colby Deal and Yael Martínez.

Top 10 Virtual Degree Shows

This summer, globally, art schools have had to move their Degree Shows online. Browse 10 universities launching inspiring virtual portals.

Clara Nakisa

After a recent project on body modification, Nakisa was inspired to mix quotidian objects with the outline of a human figure.

Kudi: Structures of Design

Kudi is a London-based artist whose work questions social dynamics in today’s world, asking the viewer to examine their place in the system.

Natasha Halsey

The Allotment is an innovative social space within a living development. It provides a unique way to link the residents through communal spaces.

Joanna Cummings

Morecambe Bay, Joanna Cummings’ hometown, is an area suffering from poverty. Her project was designed to benefit the community.

Sarah Haydon

Haydon takes a multi-disciplinary and integral approach to the creative arts. Her final piece is as much about the final project as it is the materials.

Peter Joseph

Having lived with violence and trauma, Joseph has been inspired to present the connections between family and a physical, lived experience.

Mominah Aslam

Aslam’s final project involved creating the visual branding for a Pakistani Film Festival researching and influenced by the the history of cinema in Pakistan.

Mirabel Hammond

For Mirabel Hammond, lockdown, self-isolation and the further steps of quarantine have presented the challenge of finding alternative ways to produce work.

Millie Grover

Millie Grover has been inspired by marine life and underwater worlds – constantly changing environments that offer unique natural patterns.

Lena Tomasik

Tomasik has embarked on an exploration of memory and dream state – trying to capture the ephemeral sensation of falling asleep.

Josie Leech

Leech’s final project comprises a set design based around the topic of Scoliosis – a condition which the artist lives with every day.

Jamie Woods

For his final major project, Jamie Woods looked at the area of “new masculinity” and how it’s an ever-changing idea of contemporary society.

Freya Bell

Freya Bell’s final fashion collection connects with the human condition, looking at how clothes identify with experiences beyond our recognition.

Elsa Barnitt

Elsa Barnitt works across drawing, photography and digital media. This approach allows Barnitt to investigate a particular theme in a variety of ways.

Connor Smith

Connor Smith’s project explores sound and how it can inspire the creation of different images. The Covid-19 lockdown gave him a new direction.

Benjamin Woodcock

It is common for people to have public and private personas. Ben Woodcock believes this often inhibits an entire understanding of a person.

Alice Horsley

Alice Horsley’s work examines the way that dress codes are used as a form of oppression and control, as well as the effects of blame culture.

Gregory King

King’s work is underpinned by a belief that beauty of a product is in the design of not only its outward appearance, but also the design considerations within.

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