Interview with Fashion Photorgrapher Heiko Laschitzki

Interview with Fashion Photorgrapher Heiko Laschitzki

Ahead of Berlin Fashion Week, beginning 15 January and running until 20 January, Aesthetica takes a moment to speak to fashion photographer Heiko Laschitzki. After graduating from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague, Heiko made the move to Berlin where he lives and works. Shooting portraits, people and fashion for more than a decade, he has become increasingly known for his stunning portraits of artists, actors and musicians. In approaching a fashion portrait, Heiko cares more about personality and character than just the clothes. He has been commissioned by different international agencies and magazines across Europe. During fashion week Heiko will be capturing backstage moments and style reports.

A: Do you think fashion and art compliment one another?
HL: I am pretty sure they do. Art has always influenced fashion and surely, because of Pop Art, it works the other way around too, sometimes the boundaries are hard to distinguish. There are a lot of fashion designers who I would call artists, and there is some art that I see in galleries which has more to do with fashion than art…

A: How does fashion affect you in the everyday?
HL: I guess fashion has an effect on almost everybody who works creatively, even without knowing it you react to things you see.

A: Is there something particular you look for when shooting street style?
HL: The Person and the outfit must fit together. The best photo is when you can pick up on a bit of personal character in the style.

A: What’s the best show you have ever been to?
HL: Oh I can’t say… Although, I always like it when the presentation is different and a bit more innovative than just running up and down the catwalk- even though this seems to be the most efficient way to show the styles for most labels. Sometimes I like the smaller studio shows more.

A: What’s your first fashion moment?
HL: I can’t say anymore… When I was a kid I was into heavy metal and punk, but that was at a time when it certainly wasn’t in fashion and before it got fashionable again, if I hadn’t played a guitar in a band no girl would have kissed me.

A: What sort of work have you got coming up after fashion week?
HL: After fashion week I am looking forward to shoot some editorials and then shoot some portraits at the International Film Festival Berlinale. I love doing portraits.

A: What is unique about Berlin fashion week?
HL: Berlin Fashion Week is much smaller then Paris or New York. But the city is full of creative minds and lots of emerging designers get the chance to present their ideas. So it has a pretty young and improvised spirit. And I like that the whole city tries to take part and every club is throwing a fashion party and everybody dresses up… Berlin’s biggest advantage is that it is not perfect and not really a fashion metropolis. I wish the event would concentrate more on that and an experimental character than trying to compete with major fashion cities.

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All images courtesy of Heiko Laschitzki
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