Interview with artist Cecil Gresham

Interview with artist Cecil Gresham

American artist Cecil Gresham, works predominantly with DLSR and SLR photography, but also has a distinct painting style, absent of structure. His images incorporate an abstraction of facts, going beyond the first layer of matter. through experimenting and independent study. His work has been exhibited in numerous group exhibitions such as: The Lunch Box Gallery Miami, Soho Photo Gallery, Limner Gallery and Artspace MAGQ Gallery. Aesthetica spoke to Cecil about his work.

A: Firstly, can you tell us a little bit about the piece that you have featured in the August/September issue of Aesthetica, GRAY?

CG: GRAY was a five month labour of love. As with all of my abstract expressionism work, it’s a process of mental gestures. I transmit these physically onto the canvas. The brush movements, paint, colour juxtapositions and the overall rhythm were an accumulation of who/what I am at that given moment. I totally rely on my instincts during the creative process and my images depend on my ability to surrender to that moment of non-existence. When I allow my thoughts not to take over, my art seem to travel a path of their own and my eyes see that which is not premeditated. GRAY was one big gift box, full of surprises and disappointments. I love that challenges in the creative process. In the end, I blew out the candles with the hope others will fine ‘meaning’ and depth of enjoyment from the piece.

A: What do you draw your inspiration from in your artwork?

CG: I draw my creative inspiration from music. The relationship I have with music, the sounds, the visual impact it creates and the emotion it encapsulates, inspires and develops my work. Sound is colour.

A: Do you work with other artistic forms?

CG: I enjoy photography and writing, and a large part of my artistic creation is with the incorporation of photography.

A: Are there any particular artists that you would like to collaborate with?

CG: I would have loved to work with Basquiat, Arbus, Marley and Georges Rouault. Georges clown images are amazing. Their works inspire my own creative process, whilst maintaining my distinctive style.

A: What do you have planned for the future?

CG: My hope as an artist is to continue being excited about art! I hope to paint more, and paint bigger canvases!

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Image: GRAY, courtesy Cecil Gresham