Interview with Michael Hanreck, Developer of Photo Clothing

Interview with Michael Hanreck, Developer of Photo Clothing combines the fad of all over prints on t-shirts with art, to produce vibrant and unique items of clothing. The team have joined up with Magnum photographers Martin Parr and David Alan Harvey and have created 500 t-shirts with their distinctive photographs. All of the shirts are hand printed in London on high-quality materials that stays wrinkle free and soft to the hand. Photographers are invited to join the community and submit their own photographs to be transformed into a fashionable garment. We speak to the developer of Photo Clothing, Michael Hanreck, about the company and his favourite designs.

A: Where did the idea for this project come from?
I noticed the fashion for all over prints on t-shirts and they looked amazing, despite the designs being predictable and immature – regularly featuring palm trees, cityscapes ect. We fell in love with the idea of using really brilliant images, with depth and maturity – Magnum Photos were the perfect fit and it shows on the shirts.

A: What do you think is special about Magnum photographers?
Wow, that’s a big question! I think it is personality above all. The structure and history of Magnum must be helping the photographers not only transcribe the world but doing it with personality. There is not a Magnum Photos look, but an arsenal of emotions that the photographers bring to their work.

A: Can you tell us about one of your favourite designs?
I really laugh at Martin Parr’s work. There is a t-shirt with the a close up of some teeth, they are so striking on a top, but a bit scary too. That said, I really like the tenderness of the two old men walking into the sea, I think it is their fingers near the water and the symmetry of companionship. I’d probably wear that t-shirt anywhere.

A: Are there any other art forms you’d like to use as t-shirt prints?
Yes, it would be great if we saw real quality artwork on t-shirts. Particularly work with a strong backstory and emotion. We can’t wait to see this grow beyond the initial project

A: What do you have planned for next?
MH: I’d like to get more images on our t-shirts. We have just launched hundreds of images and I’d like to see more. We also want to open this up to other photographers, so they can submit their own work. Updates are posted to our Kickstarter supporters but others can check in at

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1. Images courtesy of, image Martin Parr.