Interior Narratives

Interior Narratives

Imbued with feelings of absence and nostalgia, a new series by Hungarian photographer Marietta Varga – entitled After August – looks to vacant interior spaces for inspiration. Solitary figures inhabit domestic environments, offering new narratives set against muted backdrops.

The photographer asks: “What happens with all those coastal holiday homes at Lake Balaton during the course of the year that holiday-makers fill with buzz and joy every summertime? How does the atmosphere of these spaces alter once autumn comes?”


“My series was inspired by childhood memories. I have chosen a summer house in Siófok as location, which embodies the interior design of 1970s and 1980s Hungary and hereby transmits the peculiar mix of nostalgia, melancholy and the passing of time.”

Varga is part of Aesthetica‘s #NewArtists scheme. Find out more about her work here.

1. After August, Chapter 1. photography, art direction: Marietta Varga. model: Sári Weichinger. styling: Kata Varga, Marietta Varga clothes: Maros10, Mrs Szeder (Terike). special thanks: Ninó, Mrs Szeder, Bettina Palcsó.