Ideological Presence

“I make use of cinematic and theatrical forms using digital film, fiction, drawing, staged scenarios and live voice-over. For me, narrative is entangled in place – an ideology underpinned by my interest in the relationship between representation and presence. Each work develops from a tenacious attitude towards research, which coupled with chance, I develop into scripted narratives featuring occluded histories that are melancholic but wry, corporeal and often intense.Treatment for Six Characters was made with the support of the British School, Rome, and Teatro Valle, and is based on an unrealised film that Italian modernist writer Luigi Pirandello wished to make about the creative process leading to his seminal 1921 play Six Characters in Search of an Author. Using a recently discovered text, I adapted Pirandello’s plans, exploring what I call a “cinema of the mind.”

Anne-Marie Creamer’s Treatment for Six Characters is part of the Aesthetica Art Prize Longlist. See this work amongst others at York Art Gallery from 26 May, opening as part of the Future Now Symposium 2017. For more information:

1.Anne-Marie Creamer’s Treatment for Six Characters (2014). Courtesy of Vimeo.