House of Leaves, David Roberts Art Foundation, London

House of Leaves, David Roberts Art Foundation, London

Four years after opening a public space in London, David Roberts Art Foundation is packing and moving to a new larger location at Mornington Crescent. The 19th century former furniture factory will be opening it’s doors as an art gallery on the 21 September with the new exhibition House of Leaves, curated by Vincent Honoré.

With works by Louise Bourgeois, Gerhard Richter and Pierre Huyghe as the key pieces from the collection, A House of Leaves is presented as a symphony, structured in three movements and an eplilogue. The symphony begins with ECHO VIII, 2007 by Louise Bourgeois and explores hybrid forms, memory and fragmented figures. Harmoniously moving onto the second movement the audience will meet Gerhard Richter’s Fuji a coloured oil piece that questions abstraction and minimalism. Moving towards the climax of the exhibiton, the third movement focuses on conceptual art and performance. Finally the epilogue balances on the void, emptying the art space to examine space and architecture.

In it’s musical presentation, A House of Leaves, seeks to be an exhibition that changes constantly over time and always offers a new experience as the images evolve from one movement to the next.

A House of Leaves, 21st September until 23rd Feburary 2013, Symes Mews London NW1 7JE,


1. Gerhard Richter, Fuji, 1996, Oil on alucobond, courtesy the artist and David Roberts Collection, London.
2. Horst Ademeit, Untitled Mixed Media on Polaroid 11 x 9 cm Framed 42.2 x 32.2 cm ,courtesy the David Roberts Collection, London.
3. Shannon Ebner, Sculptures Involuntaires, 2006, courtesy the artist Shannon Ebner and David Roberts Collection, London.