German Design, Past-Present, Czech Centre Prague

German Design, Past-Present, Czech Centre Prague

The Czech Centre Prague maps the development of German design from the late 19th century up to the present day in this largest exhibition of its kind, from 4 October until 28 November. Taken from the hidden-away store rooms of Die Neue Sammlung, The International Design Museum of Munich, a selection of the classics and the unexpected are complied especially for this latest show.

From the Industrial Age and Bauhaus to post-World War II reconstruction efforts in West Germany, stretching out to the postmodern era of globalisation and digitisation, the first historical strand of this exhibition runs through a rich and fascinating trajectory of design. Installed by CZECHDESIGN, a civic association with a decade-long experience of exhibiting the Czech design scene, this zip back through time coalesces German work with a Czech point of view, merging two traditions into one great history.

Running alongside this delve into the past is Rejected/Accepted, a work prepared by the atelier of Munich’s Steffan Kehrle. Focusing on film, fashion and music design, it also explores the field of design criticism, looking at 11 German artists of different creatives disciplines, including photographer Florian Böhm , graphic designer Mirko Borsche, fashion designer Ayzit Bostan, jewelry maker Saskia Die, reviewer Markus Frenzl, documentary film-maker Niklas Goslar , musician Jonas Imbery, lyrical poet Sabine Magnet and industrial designers Nitzan Cohen, Steffan Kehrle and Stefan Diez . Here, the exhibition digs into the processes of rejection and realisation that this critical enquiry has brought to bear on the design world, paying close attention to works that were rejected and never published.

Forming part of the annual festival, Designblock, German Design. Past-Present casts an alternative and intriguing lens on the processes, stories and works of the German design world that has for so long been hidden.

German Design. Past-Present, 4 October- 28 November, Czech Centre Prague, Rytířská 31, 110 00 Praha 1.

1. Image courtesy of Sima Dehgani.