Future Now: Augmented Realities

From Louis Daguerre to Andy Warhol, artists have always used technology to invent, create and redefine their work. But in today’s climate there are more and more practitioners working with code rather than “making” in the traditional sense. This has an immediate effect on the viewer, who is engaging with a new world that represents both augmented and virtual realities. Host Warren Fearn (York St John University), Mike Stubbs (FACT, Liverpool) and Paul Chapman (Glasgow School of Art) negotiate the lines between art and design technology, offering examples in which the two disciplines meet.

Session 3 – Innovation in the Making: Technology, Design & Digital is at the Aesthetica Art Prize Future Now Symposium, 25 May, 12:15 – 13:30, De Grey Lecture Theatre, York St John University. To book your place: www.aestheticamagazine.com/art-prize/symposium-2017

The Nemesis Machine is on view at the Aesthetica Art Prize exhibition 2017 at York Art Gallery, 26 May – 10 September.

1. The Nemesis Machine – From Metropolis to Megalopolis to Ecumenopolis (2016). Courtesy of Stanza and Vimeo.