Enter Through the Headset: Gazelli Art House

Group exhibition Through the Headset sees artists Iain Nicholls, Tom Szirtes, SkullMapping (Antoon Verbeeck and Filip Sterckx) and Matteo Zamagni working in the medium of VR (Virtual Reality) in order to blur the lines between real and virtual experiences.

Nicholls and Szirtes collaborate to produce Veil, which was previously on show at the Barbican Centre in London. The piece references the work of Diego Velazquez, Casper David Fredrick and Hans Holbein along with other pioneers of early film with the aim of exploring recursion, alternate realities and space. The duo Skullmapping present Styx, referencing a river in Greek mythology believed to have formed the boundary between heaven and the underworld. It is fitting, then, that the artists push the polarised boundaries with a journey into the underworld inspired by the title river.  Matteo Zamagni’s Nature Abstraction is accessible both in the physical space of the gallery and on the online artist residency programme Gazell.io. Mapping out biological forms and cosmic shapes, it produces powerful psychedelic and geometrical patterns.

All  exhibiting artists have been invited to take part in the online residency, which provides a reversal in the display order of the digital arts. By using this tool artists work in both a digital and physical space. The interactive artworks will all be accessible on the first floor of the gallery via three VR headsets. The work will all also be digitally certified of authenticity, powered by Versiart,  a new and ground-breaking platform for certifying and verifying artworks and collectibles using block-chain technology.  Gazelli Art House director Mila Askarova describes the exhibition as a “show within a show”: the work transcends the traditional mediums of art and nurtures the crossover between technology and art.

Danni Lorelli

The show opens tomorrow until 25 June. http://gazelliarthouse.com/

1. Matteo Zamagni In collaboration with David Li, Daniel Ben Hur, Nature Abstraction (2015). Courtesy Gazelli Art House. Photography: Peter Mallet