Celebrating Simplicity

Celebrating Simplicity

Jon Setter’s images feature geometric fragments, eradicating all geographical and structural complexities. Conveying a simplified, poetic expression of surrounding spaces, he gives viewers a chance to observe and celebrate the details that affect the way a city is understood by its inhabitants.

Detroit-born Setter originally studied painting, but when he moved to Sydney, he was thrown into a stage of unfamiliarity. This move of locality drove him to work in photography, as a way of making sense of the city. As a result, Setter’s practice focuses on urban architecture, looking at repeated formal patterns instead of the overall function of the building.

Observing corners, back alleys, landmarks and suburbs, Setter locates colours, textures and materials that offer unique cultural identities. The lens is a tool through which to meditate on singular elements, promoting a sense of seclusion and overall beauty. Each image is precisely organised – lines intersect in aesthetically pleasing ways.

IG: @jonsetter

1. All images courtesy of Jon Setter.