DIY Filmmaking

In today’s climate, the Do It Yourself attitude is ever more present and we’re encouraging you to get creative, get your camera and make your own films.

A Miscarriage of Justice

Traversing the boundaries between social and personal interests, thriller and realism, Pour Elle forces everyday characters to extraordinary lengths.

Design: The Changing Face of the Aesthetic Environment

Saville is a natural and engaging speaker, and he profusely urges us to stop and consider our state of play. He is still open to all possibilities and contemplates his opinions to an extensive degree.

Contemporary Chinese Art Rises Again

Chen Ke, one of China’s new generation of young artists discusses her work, the dichotomies of identity, personal tastes and culture in the flux of modern China.

Polish Art Now

Explorations on the built environment, avant-garde inheritance, and individuality bring together the work of 15 Polish artists, and an exposé on Tadeusz Kantor.

Making Worlds in Venice

The 53rd Venice Biennale, directed by Daniel Birnbaum, offers a glimpse at the ideas of freedom, originality and the purpose of expression.