Lost Cityscape

Brian Lomas’ Small Shops invites us on a tour of a lost cityscape: a world of hand-daubed signage, antique cash registers and family-run businesses.

Art and Landscape:
Aesthetica Art Prize 2021

Never has it been more important to consider our relationship with the natural world. Artists from our 2021 longlist bring the landscape into focus.

Cultural Reflection

Graphic designer Yuliya Pylypko has crafted a publication aimed at involving a young Ukrainian audience in artistic heritage.

A Frozen Narrative

Elmgreen & Dragset’s new installation asks more questions than it answers, as part of Copenhagen Contemporary’s exhibition The Art of Sport.

Growth and Acceptance

Butterflies encircle faces. Orange balloons float in mid-air. Deep blue leaves engulf bodies. Fares Micue is a self-taught conceptual photographer.

Visual Oxymorons

Christopher Thomas captures merry-go-rounds, ice cream cones, bubble gum machines, circus tents and ferris wheels within desolate landscapes.

Cultural Iconography

Namsa Leuba is a Swiss-Guinean photographer and art director who focuses on African identity as seen through the western gaze.

Disparate Geographies

Massimo Colonna is an Italian photographer, post-producer and retoucher who invents spaces that play with a sense of reality.

Piecing it Together

Karen Navarro calls upon photography, collage and sculpture to investigate the concepts of race, gender and belonging, and how they converge.

Playful Camouflage

Gerwyn Davies is an Australian photographer who makes images that empower and conceal, combining hand-made costumes and edits.

Mapping the Climate

Richard Mosse uses new imaging methods to recontextualise ecological catastrophe. His latest project looks at destruction in the Amazon.

Hybrid Architecture

Santa Fe is a creative hotbed, mixing contemporary modernism with adobe tradition, recalibrating connections to the landscape.

Complex Narratives

Photographs relay information for the viewer, but what happens to the truth in the process? 10 new photographers work with these questions.

Across the Nation

Hawkesworth’s latest project, shot over 13 years, offers a glimpse of Britain and its diversity, a celebration of photography without borders.

Modes of Fabrication

Artists have long sought inspiration in found photos. We consider the ethical implications of collage in an age of visual abundance.

Shooting Hyperreality

Benoit Paillé’s hyperreal image series demonstrates how photography doesn’t, in fact, capture reality, but is an active creator of reality.

A Fresh Perspective

Thandiwe Muriu’s has been widely lauded for her distinctive style: clean, crisp and elegant, demonstrating the skill and vision of a rising star.

Issue 102 Available Now

Signs and Symbols: Issue 102 considers the difference between “looking” and “seeing” –
how we view ourselves and the world around us.

End of Empire

The current Yinka Shonibare retrospective in Salzburg highlights the artist’s engagement with colonial brutality and post-colonial identity.

Cultural Malaise

Eliza Bourner is a lens-based artist capturing cinematic self portraits of postmodern living; alienation, loneliness and unease.