I thoroughly enjoyed the day, particularly the Portfolio Reviews, and I wanted to say how well organised the whole event has been.
Alistair Payne, Head of the School of Fine Art, Glasgow School of Art
Thank you for a truly great day. I met some lovely people, and I am honoured to be part of the Art Prize show.
Andrea Luka Zimmerman, Finalist / Artist Filmmaker, Lecturer at Central St Martins
I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the Future Now event, which was really well organised and interesting. The Art Prizes panel seemed to go well. Many thanks for involving me.
Reyahn King, Chief Executive, York Museums Trust
I really enjoyed the event and the city!
David Freer, O Street
I was blown away by the quality of the speakers and the high level of debate. It was a truly inspiring event that has given me plenty to think about over the coming months.
Daryl Folkard, Delegate
It is such a great asset for the city and I really hope it continues on next year. I enjoyed the panel I was taking part in.
James Boaden, History of Art, University of York
Many thanks for organising the Portfolio  Reviews at Future Now. Two of these were of the most benefit to me. I look forward to next year, thanks again.
Les Monaghan, Artist
As an artist from York and one who also works t York St John University, I really enjoyed being part of an event closer to home. It was brilliant to see and hear from varying institutions about current issues. After attending the sessions I have left more informed, more critically engaged, and more creative. I have found it fascinating and rewarding.
Catherine Sutcliffe-Fuller, Artist and Lecturer, YSJU
It was a pleasure to take part in the Aesthetica Art Prize Symposium. I hope that this will become an annual fixture.
John O’Shea, Senior Exhibitions Manager, National Media Museum
Thanks a million for having me! Really enjoyed the session and found it to be a well selected panel in terms of the balance of online/print media. The chair was brilliant, and so organised – it was definitely the best panel I’ve ever taken part in in terms of the level of preparation from everyone. The organisation of the whole event was superb, over and above what was expected!
Emily Gosling, Deputy Editor, It’s Nice That
I was impressed by the organisation of the Future Now symposium and of the high standard of guest speakers attending. It was truly thought provoking. The Art Prize exhibition was also impressive in its range and quality.
Andrew Fryer, Head of School, The School of Film, Music and Performing Arts, Leeds Beckett University
I very much enjoyed participating in the symposium and meeting my fellow panel members. Thank you for giving me the opportunity.”
Kirstie Hamilton, Head of Exhibitions and Displays, Museums Sheffield
I thought the symposium was an excellent event and was very glad to have taken part in it. With the exhibition moving to York Art Gallery next year, the event will no doubt get even more attention and has the potential to become a major cultural landmark. It’s very exciting to have this happening in York.
Professor Michael White, History of Art, University of York
I had a great time at the Future Now symposium and found it a very valuable, interesting experience. Congratulations on a very worthwhile symposium.
Neil Wittmann, Artist, Artists’ Directory
The Portfolio Reviews were a great idea and provided a chance for artists to hear from a different voice to their usual peer network. The event was well organised and attended.
Vanessa Corby, Lecturer & Host, YSJU