Art Basel Miami Beach Day Two

Art Basel Miami Beach Day Two

The second day of Art Basel Miami Beach is upon us and there are still hundreds of galleries to check out. Participants from Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia, and Africa make up the impressive list of exhibitors at this year’s event. The different galleries present historical work from the masters of Modern and contemporary art, as well as newly created pieces by emerging stars. If you are unsure of what to see today, with such a vast selection on display, check out some of our recommended stands below.

Paul Stolper Gallery
Paul Stolper Gallery presents Peter Saville and Anna Blessmann’s Art Accessories. The exhibition is inspired by placeholders in museums and galleries throughout the world more than a decade ago. These small signs – sometimes glassily translucent, sometimes tagged with a brightly coloured dots – temporarily interrupt the logic and flow of the museological display. Art Accessories has created works that recreate these discreet and tucked-away missives providing a loose taxonomy of their varying forms and tones. Further interest lies in what, as a genre, these stand-in signs represent.

Alison Jacques Gallery
This year the Alison Jacques Gallery curates a mixed media booth of work by seven artists from around the world including a striking blood orange work SLRL (2012) by Sheila Hicks that uses silk thread and porcupine quills and another piece by Wilke, Hannah Manna (1985-86), that incorporates 77 painted sculptures. Other artists in the curated booth include: Helen Barff (Britain), Lygia Clark (Brazi), Fernanda Gomez (Brazil), Sheila Hicks (America), Birgit Júrgenssen (Austria) and Dorothea Tanning (America).

Simon Lee Gallery
The Simon Lee Gallery, which represents artists of diverse generations from Europe and America who share a broad interest in an exploration of the conceptual, present 10 works including Untitled (Car Trunk #3) (2013) by Matias Faldbakken and Pappus (2001) by Bernard Frize. A consistent characteristic of Faldbakken’s work is the poverty of his materials, with Untitled (Car Trunk #3) (2013) being constructed entirely from a car trunk. His practice holds in perpetual tension the forces of proposition and cancellation, vandalism and erasure, aesthetic generosity and conceptual restraint, the possibility of language and its abstraction into illegibility.

Marian Goodman Gallery
The Marian Goodman Gallery booth is sure to draw a crowd with works from their impressive selection of respected artists. Following the huge success of Gabriel Orozco’s travelling exhibition Asterisms: Sand Stars (2) (2012) – a collection of coastal debris and trash, meticulously sorted and neatly displayed at New York’s Guggenheim Museum and its Berlin branch, Deutsche Guggenheim – the Marian Goodman Gallery has shipped part of the collection to this year’s fair. Another highlight from the gallery includes Tango at the Edge of the Fair, a film inspired by dance and movement-based art by acclaimed photographer Rineke Dijkstra and South African painter William Kentridge.

Stephen Friedman Gallery
A highlight for the Stephen Friedman Gallery is the inclusion of gallery artist Tom Friedman’s work in the Art Basel sculpture park. The park will feature two works by Friedman: Untitled (peeing figure) (2012), a self-portrait sculpture cast in highly polished stainless steel that depicts a life-sized man standing mid-pose in the act of urinating and Untitled (Huddle) (2013), a new sculptural arrangement featuring seven figures made of aluminium foil. Other artists include Mamma Andersson, Tonico Lemos Auad, Stephan Balkenhol and Claire Barclay.

1. Yinka Shonibare, Earth, courtesy of Stephen Friedman Gallery.