A Contemporary Retelling

A Contemporary Retelling

The stories of 1960s and 1970s America are retold in Matt Henry’s (b. 1978) striking photography, which is highlighted in a new show at Polka Galerie, Paris.

The show examines Trump-era rhetoric through the lens of 1960s America, offering an unsettling yet strikingly revealing series of compositions.

Looking at the past in order to reflect upon the present, Henry’s shots are both intellectually and visually stimulating, always giving his bold, clear-cut works context and weight.

The characters depicted within the images are perfectly executed through primary colours, scenery and cultural references that are scattered throughout his practice.

Each image points to a wider social narrative, addressing cultural issues through distinctive aesthetics.

Southern Gothic and Other Stories is open until 27 October. Find out more here. 

1. All images courtesy Matt Henry.