5 to See: This Weekend

5 to See: This Weekend

Moving into August, this week’s top exhibitions reflect upon life in cities around the world. From London to Perth, these shows use stylised photography and bold installation to question and document the impact of globalisation.

London Nights, Museum of London

Comprising work by 50 artists spanning from the late 19th century to the present day, this collection offers new perspectives on the nocturnal capital through portraiture, documentary, conceptual imagery and film. Until 11 November.

Ffotoview, Ffotogallery, Penarth

Celebrating 12 Welsh and Wales-based photographic talents, this show explores timely subject matters including eco-living, cultural diversity and the experiences of refugees and asylum seekers in Cardiff. Until 29 September.

ARTIST ROOMS: Jenny Holzer, Tate Modern, London

Holzer’s digital, text-based installations deliver powerful messages, bringing into focus ideas of media stimulation and information overload whilst questioning belief systems and power structures. Until 31 July 2019.

‘Round Midday, Perth Centre for Photography

Positioning Perth City as a centre for change, Daniel Gevaux’s intriguing images record its urban and natural spaces, reflecting on ideas of growth and globalisation in the 21st century through colourful documentary pieces. Until 25 August.

Megacity, Herforder Kunstverin, Germany

Intrigued by the metropolis, Christian Höhn’s monumental works tap into ideas of alienation and anonymity, reflecting on the cultural and environmental impact of urbanisation in Beijing and Dubai. From 4 August.

1. SE1, from the series Dark City, 2011, by William Eckersley. 
2. N18, from the series Dark City, 2011, by William Eckersley. Photograph: Museum of London/William Eckersley.
3. Copyright © 2017 Ani Saunders.
4. BLUE PURPLE TILT, Jenny Holzer, 2007.
5. Image © Daniel Gevaux, ‘His offence was not immediately known.’
6.  Bahnhof Gornergrat, Wallis 2014 Leuchtkasten © Christian Höhn