5 to Read: This Month

5 to Read: This Month

From new photographic series to comprehensive architectural monographs, November’s must-read publications chronicle migration, urbanity and life in post-war cities.

Todd Hido: Bright Black World, Nazraeli Press

In Norse mythology, Filmbulwinter is a harsh, never-ending season of extreme weather that precedes the end of the world. Drawing on this notion, Hido’s latest series spans both portraiture and landscape, investigating the inner and exterior worlds of Iceland and its inhabitants, drawing readers into unfamiliar yet intensely curious worlds.

Richard Mosse: The Castle, MACK 

Created using a thermographic camera, The Castle documents the lived experiences of those within refugee camps along mass migration routes into the EU. The resulting panoramic “heat maps” are captured from above, highlighting ideas of restriction and concealment whilst revealing changing immigration policies through a meticulous approach.

Willy Ronis by Willy Ronis, Flammarion 

Known for conveying the reality of post-war France through black and white images, Ronis is recognised as a key figure in 20th century photography. Flammarion’s publication showcases personal and previously unseen works, each framed within their technical and historical context – offering an intimate and definitive compendium of the artist’s oeuvre.

Drawing Architecture, Phaidon

Taking an interdisciplinary approach, this collection presents over 250 architectural drawings from throughout history. The book offers dialogues between a variety of styles, times and locations, highlighting contributions from figures such as Michelangelo, Frank Gehry, Louise Bourgeois, Zaha Hadid and Luis Barragán.

Ando. Complete Works 1975–Today, Taschen 

Providing an overview of the renowned Japanese architect’s projects, Complete Works spans 1975-today, demonstrating an engagement with simplicity and urban space. Through minimal geometric forms and the incorporation of natural elements, it documents new buildings such as the Shanghai Poly Grand Theatre and the Clark Centre at Clark Art Institute in Williamstown, Massachusetts.

1.  Shanghai Poly Theater, 2014. Photo © Shigeo Ogawa.
2. Todd Hido, #11797-3252, 2017.
3. Menilmontant (Devant Chez Mestre), Paris, France, 1957 by Willy Ronis.
4. 4×4 Houses, Tadao Ando.