5 to See: This Weekend

Our picks for 30 September – 1 October look at psychology reflected through the form. Be it existential questions, or visual experimentation of the world around us, these unique shows provide a lens through which to recreate sensory experiences through two and three-dimensional mediums.

Foam Talent, Amsterdam

Selected through the annual Talent Call, the 20 photographers in the 2017 selection offer a cross-section of contemporary image-making, representing the future of innovation and experimental practices. Included this year: Alinka Echeverría – AAP 2017 Shortlisted Artist – Erik Madigan Heck and Vasantha Yogananthan, amongst others. Until 12 November. www.foam.org

Damian Ortega, White Cube Bermondsey

Playtime brings together new works that focus on the themes of chance seen in the everyday, as well as the wider systems of knowledge – such as cosmology and genealogy – and individual expression. Characterised by a relationship between though, action and form, his practice combines three dimensional forms and installations that bring psychological maps to life through matter. Until 12 November. www.whitecube.com.

Jenny Holzer: Softer, Blenheim Palace, Woodstock

Working with veterans of more recent conflicts, the commission at Blenheim Palace includes utterances and statements “filling” the interiors. The first woman, and the fourth contemporary artist to be selected for the commission, Holzer transforms this historic baroque edifice into a site of reflection around memory and conflict. Until 31 December. www.blenheimartfoundation.org.uk.

Monica Bonvicini, Berlinische Galerie

“You can avoid people but you can’t avoid architecture.” – Monica Bonvicini navigates issues of gender, power and control through the use of architecture, installation, language and drawing. Her latest intervention at the Berlinische Galerie – produced parallel to her contribution to the 15th Istanbul Biennial – investigates the architecture of the museum building, its potential uses and the way it is perceived, titled as a reference to the volume of the space: 3612.54 m³. Until 26 February. www.berlinischegalerie.de.

Danny Lyon, CO Berlin
My greatest strength has been empathy with others different from myself.” – Danny Lyon. Over the course of 50 years, the American photographer took countless images that documented social realities and bore witness to political battles of half a century. The gallery calls upon the compositions as a means through which to communicate the emotions of the masses. Until 3 December. www.co-berlin.org.

1. Alinka Echeverría, Becoming South Sudan.
2. Damian Ortega, Installation view, Gladstone Gallery. Photo Credit: David Regen Photo Courtesy of Gladstone Gallery, New York and Brussels 
3. Jenny Holzer, Secret Proceedings.
4. Light me Black (2006) by Monica Bonvicini.
5. Danny Lyon, Crossing the Ohio Louisville.