5 to See: This Weekend

In an era of fake news and “alternative facts”, how can the individual decipher the true course of events? Exhibitions opening this weekend have a distinct focus on narrative structures; whether personal, fictional or historical, these shows invite the viewer to examine and participate in carefully constructed stories.

Elements, Camara Oscura Gallery, Madrid

Photographer Ellen Kooi weaves together intriguing, unique histories through a cinematic approach to image making, inviting the viewer to connect with her characters and locations. The artist notes: “My narratives are open ended, and I present them in such a way that everyone can imagine their own stories and find their own answers.” Until 26 May. Find out more here.

The Extraordinary World of Christian Tagliavini, Fotografiska, Stockholm

Tagliavini’s precise methodology results in highly curated works. Through a strikingly filmic visual language, the images on display encompass whole worlds, expanding the boundaries of imagination by offering individuals the opportunity to occupy the stylised frames whilst references art historical tropes. Until 10 June. Find out more here. 

Hiroshi Sugimoto B.C, Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco

“I chose to use photography, with my camera as a time machine to travel back into the past.” B.C uses scientific, mythological and conceptual ideas to explore an age before technology. The multidisciplinary exhibition combines a selection of images from Sugimoto’s prolific career, navigating an imagined prehistoric topography. Until 25 April. Find out more here.

Harry Gruyaert – Retrospective, Fotomuseum, Antwerp

Defined by a unique use of colour, light and form, Gruyaert’s iconic images traverse the urban landscape, revealing the beauty in the everyday. The show provides a comprehensive overview of his oeuvre, foregrounding three series: Rivages, East West and TV Shorts, which travel from Moscow to Las Vegas. Until 10 June. Find out more here.

French Photography Exists, Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris

Tracking the story of contemporary practice in France, this collaborative series brings together work curated by director Jean-Luc Monterosso. The tailored collection combines portraits with pieces that capture both natural and built environments, celebrating the rich cultural output of the country’s emerging photographers. Until 20 May. Find out more here.

1. Ellen Kooi, Borssele, Rode Jurk, 2007
2. Christian Tagliavini, from Voyages Extraordinaires, 2015
3. Hiroshi Sugimoto, Sea of Japan, Rueben Island, 1996, Copyright Hiroshi Sugimoto, courtesy Pace Gallery.
4. Brussels. Rue Royale. 1981 © Harry Gruyaert / Magnum photos
5. Mathieu Pernot, Choisy-le-Roi. Le Grand ensemble : implosion, 2007 © Mathieu Pernot. Collection Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris.