5 Responsive Works from the Aesthetica Art Prize

5 Responsive Works from the Aesthetica Art Prize

Holding up a mirror to society, artworks featured in the Prize respond to the world around us. Aesthetica highlights 5 poignant pieces from finalists who engage with timely, global socio-political issues.

Julio Bittencourt, Plethora – 201 – Capsule Hotel

Bittencourt’s work addresses the problem of overpopulation around the globe. The image here is from Tokyo, and look at the ways in which we live, occupy and share the world.

Jasmina Cibic, Tear Down and Rebuild

This video piece reveals the structures of “soft power” often employed as methods of psychological control by authoritarian regimes.

Sandra Wadkin, They Came by the Sea

They Came By Sea is a painting investigating the idea of the displacement of people through history. It is a powerful reminder of the discourse that surrounds cultural difference.

Inés Molina Navea, 541 días

Inés Molina Navea’s digital portrait is a reminder of those stripped of their humanity by social and economic forces, a universal image of outsiders in a “democratic” world.

David Birkin, Profiles

2018 winner David Birkin’s work reflects on the way war is depicted; at its core is a concern for censorship. Profiles is a representation of civilian casualties from the Iraq War.

The Aesthetica Art Prize is open for entries until 31 August. Find out more here.

1. All images courtesy the artists