Fraction of a Second

In Neal Grundy’s Fabric Forms series, every small movement matters. Each shot captures a singular moment in time that can never again be created.

Dynamic Colour Play

Contemporary abstract photographer Sebastiaan Knot plays with the fact that people perceive light and colour combinations in many various ways.

Beyond Ordinary

Senay Berhe finds beauty in the mundane, with works that emerge from an every day scenario – travelling to, or from, his home in Stockholm.

Led by Narrative

Photographer Jonas Hafner excels in crafting a truly palpable sense of mood, with every his portraits that evoke a different ambience, emotion or story.

Traces of the Forest

Temperate, vast woodland covered as much as a fifth of the UK 10,000 years ago. Now, Joanna Vestey shares long exposure pictures of their remnants.

Worlds Connected

Copenhagen Photo Festival 2024 unites a range of lens-based artists around a theme of entanglement, visualising how different forms of life interact.

Challenging Conventions

Thousands of screens across the country will display work from creatives – from Sin Wai Kin to Joanna Hogg – who explore the idea of ” A Real Woman.”

Boundless Exploration

We interviewed Oscar Murillo to learn more about his collaborative painting, ‘The Flooded Garden’, which is part of this year’s UNIQLO Tate Play.

Expansive Self-Portraiture

Zanele Muholi releases their anticipated sequel to ‘Somnyama Ngonyama’, filled with with 100 new photographs as well as essays, letters and poems.

Visions of the Future

Today we spotlight exhibition by creatives who are using their platforms to raise awareness of the climate emergency and demand lasting change.

Quiet Confidence

Thandiwe Muriu collates eight years of artistic evolution in her first photo book. ‘Camo’ is a beautiful showcase of her boundless creativity.

Staging Womanhood

Diana Sosnowska investigates constructions of womanhood through the lens of two distinct roles: the magician’s assistant and the hysterical patient.

Trust in Photographs

Does the camera never lie? Sainsbury Centre’s new exhibition explores the ways in which photography has the power to influence how we view the world.

History of Uncertainty

Aesthetica Art Prize alumnus Noémie Goudal shares insights into her exhibition at Mostyn, expanding on her fascination with doubt, illusion and scientific inquiry.

Shape of a Nation

Jamie Hawkesworth (b. 1987) has been documenting the people, architecture and landscape of Great Britain for almost two decades. In a period punctuated by referendums…

Must-See Photography Shows

We bring you 2024 photography exhibitions that place women and ethnic minority groups at the centre – reframing the focus to include everyone.

Overlooked Labour

We’ve brought together new exhibitions and recent publications that explore women’s labour today, from paid jobs to uncompensated work at home.

Sabine Weiss: A Humanist Lens

Before she passed away in 2021, Sabine Weiss was dubbed “the last of the humanists.” Now, her remarkable photographs are celebrated in Lausanne.

Rencontres D’Arles 2024: Five Exhibitions to See

This year, the major photography festival brings together provocative exhibitions, challenging dominant narratives of power and control.

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