Pictures from Above

Tom Hegen flies us over the Palouse region in the American northwest, producing satisfying aerial shots akin to the folds of moss-coloured fabrics.

Parallel Landscapes

Through bold light and shadow, Ibai Acevedo stages compelling, hyperreal and cinematic scenes that seem to belong to an odd world not quite our own.

Flux in Memories

This year’s Foam Talent spotlights fresh voices and innovators at the cutting edge of lens-based media. Cristóbal Ascencio focuses on remembrance.

Visual Histories

African proverbs are at the heart of Ghanaian photographer Derrick Ofosu Boateng’s work, bursting with bright colours and a sense of joy.

Into the Woodland

Photographs by Neil Burnell trace the sensory experience of being outdoors, capturing hidden vegetation, green thickets and secluded clearings.

Universe of Emotion

Tania Franco Klein holds a mirror up to the various effects of time spent online, such as disconnection, performative stress and media overstimulation.

Fluid Transformation

Sarah Sze presents a mesmerising solo show at Nasher Sculpture Centre, inviting viewers into a collection of new, immersive and site-specific works.

Mediated Nature

Meet the Shortlist | Caroline Jane Harris’ fragile hand-cut pictures reflect an anxiety around the decline of physical images in the digital realm.

Ethereal Architecture

Do Ho Suh’s imaginative drawings and sculptures explore questions about home and identity, inspiring us to reflect on our relationship with space.

Looking Through the Lens:
20th Century Photography Shows

Here’s Aesthetica’s selection of shows that champion practitioners who revolutionised 20th century imagery through their unique and dynamic vision.

The Power of Stories

Pao Houa Her engages with the legacies of photography and still-life in relation to Hmong diasporic communities in this Aperture book.

ICP at 50: Photography
For Our Current Moment

The International Centre of Photography celebrate their 50th anniversary with an exhibition that shows work from Samuel Fosso, Gordon Parks and more.

Chroniclers of our Times

The Aesthetica Art Prize exhibition is the place to discover contemporary artists who use art to express emotion, reflect reality and inspire change.

Shaping Perspectives

We highlight photographers from the Aesthetica Art Prize Shortlist. These inspiring projects document our world from alternative perspectives.

Eyes of the Forest

Daniel Steegmann Mangrané takes us to Tijuca National Park to open our minds to the often overlooked perspectives of animals and plants.

Questioning Assimilation

Meet the Shortlist | We caught up with Hussina Raja to learn more about her film “ROOTS” and the ways in which it explores cultural assimilation.

Guided by Details

If we looked a little more closely, what might we see? Photographer Lucy Sparks answers this question in a collection of fragmented photographs.

Faces of a Revolution

Soheila Sokhanvari’s debut show in Denmark spotlights the Iranian Revolution of 1979 and preserves the legacy of women who were silenced.

Expanded Documentary

Richard Mosse’s film “Broken Specter” shows the deforestation of the Amazon. It’s a reminder of a rapidly approaching point of no return.

Layered Visions

Meet the Shortlist | Cinzia Campolese is an Italian-Canadian artist who explores the perception of space in both digital and physical environments.

Aesthetica Art Prize 2024:
Winners Announced

Maryam Tafakory and Gala Hernández López receive the Aesthetica Art Prize 2024 with thought-provoking artist films that spark key conversations.

10 Questions With…
Oli Kellett

Waiting for a Sign contrasts anonymous metropolitan life with unique human experiences, asking us to consider the stories of people we pass by.

Uneasy Scenes

Georg Kussmann’s photo book captures the zeitgeist of a German summer in 2015 through everyday scenes charged with a sense of unease.

Underwater Worlds

Meet the Shortlist | Alexej Sachov is a Ukrainian-German artist and diver who spotlights the beauty and fragility of life under the surface of the ocean.

An Evocative Visual Language

A solo exhibition of Flor Garduño shows her iconic black and white photography of indigenous cultures, peoples and place. We have a closer look at the show.

Exhibitions to Discover:
Women Artists In Focus

Here is Aesthetica’s list of exhibitions dedicated to promoting international women artists. These shows continue to challenge the rules of the art canon.

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