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Aesthetica Artists' Directory: Current Artists' Profiles

The Aesthetica Artists’ Directory is a global network of artists engaging with the professional art world. In print, on our website and in social media we have created a forum for discussion and interactivity where artists, galleries, collectors, critics, curators and enthusiasts can meet and discover art from around the world.

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Fernando Holguin Cereceres is a London-based conceptual artist from Mexico. His works explore the zeitgeist as well as the possible transcendency of humans.

Aga Szydlik

Aga Szydlik is a USA-based documentary photographer supporting human rights movements, environmental protection and conservation efforts.

Alice Cescatti

Award-winning artist Alice Cescatti uses painting to express her lifelong fascination with the interaction between dramatic coastal landscapes and intense light.

Allison Ksiazkiewicz

UK-based printmaker and scholar Allison Ksiazkiewicz is interested in the ways we tell stories about natural history and cultural identities.

Amazilia Photography

Paul K Veron centres on the beauty, grace and intrigue of the female nude. His work depicts a deep-rooted connection between people and the wider organic world.

Aomi Kikuchi

Aomi Kikuchi is a textile artist based in Kyoto and Brooklyn. Her work is inspired by traditional Japanese arts and Buddha's philosophy.

Arantxa X. Rodríguez

Arantxa X. Rodríguez is a New York-based artist from Mexico City. Her work can be interpreted as “paintings in space” and represent an introspective examination of her Mexican culture and Buddhist practice.

Bootsy Holler

Bootsy Holler is a Los Angeles-based artist whose images are rooted in self-portraiture. Her latest series chronicles vivid episodes experiencing depersonalisation.

Brett Dyer

Brett Dyer is based in Dallas. His latest series combines figures with evocative colours, patterns and textures, revealing the complexity of the human spirit.

Carol Jacqueline

Carol Jacqueline is a London-based artist with a background in interior design. She uses music and the ambience from her surroundings as sources of inspiration whilst working.

Chris Welsby

Chris Welsby is a British artist based between Canada and Mexico. Throughout his practice, he asks: how should we position ourselves and our technologies within nature?

Claudia Pombo

Brazilian-Dutch painter Claudia Pombo offers an adapted view of nature and human situations; Picking the Animal-flower, reflects the artist's concerns with genetic engineering.

Evaldas Gulbinas

Evaldas Gulbinas is an artist with a BA in Fine Art Mixed Media from the University of Westminster. He is interested in what the viewer perceives once an idea manifests.

Ferguson Amo

Ferguson Amo's practice explores the contemporary African identity in the diaspora, examining the intricate details of cultural diffusion – and its assimilation – through visual representation.

Hattie Barnard

UK-born Hattie Barnard is a Saint Lucia-based artist, writer and card designer and is inspired by the mystical qualities of Caribbean landscapes.

Hywel Livingstone

UK-based Hywel Livingstone is a sculptor working predominantly in stainless steel. His works often feature architectural or industrial motifs.

J.V. Marzo

In his art practice, Zurich-based J.V. Marzo utilises a combination of graphic design, photography, 3D and animation to explore social themes.

Jad Oakes

Jad Oakes explores the possibilities of photography and moving image for installations, prints and drawings.

Jaehee Yoo

Using plant dyes, traditional paper and natural scenery, Seoul-based Jaehee Yoo's practice draws upon materials and techniques from ancient South Korea.

Jay Frazer

Jay Frazer produces contemporary designs to be enjoyed in the home. Inspired by local landscapes, the fluid works achieve a balance between nature and craftsmanship.

Jiří Kamenskich

Czech artist Jiří Kamenskich is interested in our relationship with the environment, and uses natural materials to express conceptual themes.

Jonny Church

In the work of Jonny Church, lines and forms in the environment emerge as abstract constructs: the organisation of form in space.

Karsten Thormaehlen

Karsten Thormaehlen is a Frankfurt-based photographer with a background in communication design. His recent works focus on the semantics of urban architecture.

Kelly Reilly

New York-based Kelly Reilly creates photograms in a darkroom using traditional chemical processes. She focuses on themes of birth, growth, love, loss, reflection and decay.

Louise Venning

The unusual paintings by Louise Venning are created using acrylics, resin and patination; her experimental layering techniques achieve a 3D effect.

Margarida Sardinha

Margarida Sardinha’s practice comprises site-specific installation, film, animation, digital composition and studies in symbolism.

Michaela McManus

Using print and photocollage, Michaela McManus explores both personal memory and wider themes concerning artifice and fragmentation.

Orsi Cowell-Lehoczky and Dr Sándor Pellet

Correlation is an exhibition and culmination of a mentoring relationship between artists Orsi Cowell-Lehoczky and Dr Sándor Pellet. At The Fountain Gallery, London, 9-21 June.

Pia Kintrup

The themes behind Pia Kintrup’s latest series the nonexistent areas are of particular interest include the impact of borders and control of information.


Self-defined founder of CryptoPop, anonymous Italian artist RoddAlt defines his art as: “Imperfect, inconsistent and immediate."

Roger Williamson

Building upon classical myths and ancient themes, Roger Williamson’s paintings invite the viewer into spheres of consciousness.

Sally Newton

Sally Newton's current ink series focuses on a colony of bees responding to social isolation related to Covid-19. The work demonstrates a narrative of events and emotions as they have unfolded.

Shelley Gilchrist

Shelley Gilchrist creates abstract shaped paintings and constructions. She uses diverging angles and bold, unexpected colours project energy whilst preserving equilibrium.

Susan Borowitz

Susan Borowitz is an American photographic artist who works primarily in conceptual staged narratives. She focuses on themes that reflect psychological journeys through modern life.

Susanna Storch

Susanna Storch is a freelance realist painter based near Frankfurt. In the Facades series, she explores everyday urban life in Europe and South America.

Susie Hartley

Navigating shape, form and texture, Susie Hartley's sculptures represent and interpret the human form. Using the torso as the focal point, a sense of movement is captured in clay.

Taya De La Cruz

Taya De La Cruz's work celebrates resilience in difficult times. Inspired by stories of overcoming hardship, she focuses on making light of the dark.

YiMiao Shih

London-based YiMiao Shih holds an MA from the Royal College of Art. Her multidisciplinary work satirises contemporary culture and politics.

Yuko Mizobuchi

Yuko Mizobuchi is a Tokyo-based painter. She works primarily with permanent paint markers, watercolour ink, Japanese Sumi and carving on wood board.