Melanie Furtado

Canadian sculptor Melanie Furtado explores subtle emotional states through the contemporary figure. Her work often depicts groups of solitary individuals during intimate moments of introspection.

The sculptures are built up using clay, adding it piece by piece in response to the model’s physical and emotional presence. The surface texture is not polished, but left suggestive, with evidence of the process of adding and removing clay. Visible traces of tool marks and fingerprints echo the imperfections of human flesh. 

Furtado has been selected for numerous residencies, including Jour et Nuit Culture in Paris and Arteles Creative Center in Finland. Up next in June is Antony Gormley’s High House Studios residency in Norfolk.

In 2018, she founded Sculpture Atelier, an independent international programme for sculpture offering workshops in Canada and Europe.  

Furtado is based in Paris, where she is currently completing Women: States of Being, a series of unconventional female figures.