M-RAY by Mike Renard

Celebrated sculptor Mike Renard adheres to three specific principles in his practice. Firstly, that art should be beautiful, “even if it depicts something ugly, it should be done beautifully.” Secondly, that art must provoke emotions, “however, not all of them. The preferred ones are admiration and excitement. Disgust is forbidden.” Finally, art should make the viewer think. “It should make your brain and mind work both consciously and subconsciously.”

His resulting bronze and gold sculptures are imaginative, satiric and unexpected. Shown here is a piece entitled Rhino Beetle, a three-dimensional depiction of environmental fragility, in which both small and large-scale life forms are in danger of extinction. A rhinoceros forms one side of the sculpture and a rhinoceros beetle is seen on the opposite side. The artist uses the same horn for both animals and the beetle’s abdomen is used as a base for the rhino’s body.

A similar approach can be seen with The Big and Bull and Bear.

Renard has exhibited at Red Dot Miami as part of Miami Art Week, as well as SOFA Chicago.