Helaine Blumenfeld OBE 

Renowned sculptor Helaine Blumenfeld OBE continually reinvents herself in a search for a vocabulary of form: visual, tactile and emotional. Her passion for bringing sculpture into the public domain energises landscapes throughout the world – the pieces seem weightless as the artist strives to communicate a spiritual dimension.

She notes: “In METAMORPHOSIS the references are not figurative, but a testament to the times in which we live – transmutation and change.”

Blumenfeld divides her working life between Italy and the UK. She has been the subject of many monographs and films.


METAMORPHOSIS. Commissioned by the Canary Wharf Group, London. Photo: Henryk Hetflaisz.
ASCENT at Jubilee Park in Canary Wharf. Photo: Sean Pollock.
EXODUS at Ely Cathedral. Photo: Henryk Hetflaisz.
ILLUSION at Ely Cathedral. Photo: Henryk Hetflaisz.
INTIMACY AND ISOLATION at Het Depot, Netherlands. Photo: Sifra Kock.
TAKING RISKS. Photo: Henryk Hetflaisz.
TREE OF LIFE: ENCOUNTER at The Woolf Institute, Cambridge. Photo: Henryk Hetflaisz.
TWO SIDES OF A WOMAN. Photo: Yorick Blumenfeld.