Eden Sweeney

Eden Sweeney is an Australia-born, London-based multimedia artist. She often uses alternate personas when examining themes such as the mundane, humour, fandom, self-portraiture and topics that may be considered taboo.

Much of her practice requires time and patience, as she considers the creation of work to be a therapeutic process. In addition to creating digital art, Sweeney also explores embroidery, drawing, painting and poetry.

In my Bed, 2019. Digital drawing.
You’ll Go to Hell for What your Dirty Mind is Thinking, 2019. Digital drawing.
Date Night, 2018. Digital drawing.
I was Washing the Poison Out of My Foot, 2018. Digital drawing.
Hugo, This is not a Love Letter, 2018. Digital drawing.
Your Cock Gives Me a Urinary Tract Infection Every Time it Goes Inside of Me, 2019. Digital drawing.

I wish I could show you how much I love you. To view this poem, click here.
The softest thing about her is her teeth. To view this poem, click here.