Aesthetica Magazine Issue 81

February / March 2018

It’s overwhelming to look at the current state-of-play. There is so much happening, from technology and the environment to politics and society. What is happening to our notions of culture and identity? It’s a time of unprecedented change, something I can’t distance myself from because everything is interrelated. Sometimes, I feel like we need to get a reality check, but the ways in which communication and humanity are evolving (for the good or the bad) are worth understanding. We also need to talk about plastic (although when delivered by post this magazine comes poly-wrapped, it’s in oxy-biodegradable plastic). The statistics are staggering. We must all cut back, even though that means choosing less convenient options.

This issue pays homage to the power of the individual, promoting and demonstrating the idea that there is still hope. We aren’t, in reality, becoming a conveyer belt of human beings; the one thing that makes us special is our ability to continually create and innovate. London-based fashion company Unmade is tackling mass production and fast fashion by offering consumers the chance to create bespoke items through digital customisation. Similarly, Emre Yunus Uzun is using organic materials to construct beautiful objects that resist the idea of disposable furnishings. His foray into the design world also highlights the resurgence of “making” and how we need to support new and emerging artisans. Along the same lines – but at the other end of the spectrum – we look at how water can enhance architectural projects. Although the budgets are steep, there is a growing interest in how natural and manmade environments can co-exist.

In photography, we re-assess the nuance of structures with George Byrne, Yener Torun and Sallie Harrison. Anastasia Cazabon, much in the tradition of Cig Harvey, looks at the details of everyday objects and how they define who we are. Our cover photographer Vikram Kushwah works between fine art and fashion photography, leaving images that are both beautiful and conceptually rewarding. Finally, in Last Words, we speak with David Drake about 40 years of the Ffotogallery in Cardiff. Enjoy!

Symbolic Compositions

Deeply influenced by the Surrealists and fantastical childhood stories, Vikram Kushwah produces images that illustrate the complexities of the subconscious.

Kinetic Structures

Focusing on lesser-known buildings of Istanbul, Yener Torun has developed a vision of asymmetry, creating satisfying balance in vibrant compositions.

Embracing Modification

Promoting customer-led fashion through customisation, innovation and sustainability, Unmade present a new, flexible model for retail.

Natural Consideration

For contemporary architects, water is a complex tool through which one can sculpt and re-imagine domestic structures within organic environments.

State of Transcendence

Anastasia Cazabon is a photographer and filmmaker based in Berlin, whose featured images are inspired by cultural narratives and the subjective experience.

Hidden Narratives

Returning to the midwest as a spectral, indefinable subject, Eric Ogden’s compositions centre around palpable psychological histories.

Empirical Landscapes

Sallie Harrison’s series Geometric Los Angeles is a celebration of the city and a discovery of a multi-dimensional culture.

Cultural Perspectives

A new book published by Prestel delves into the recontextualisation of images, considering how photography creates layers of understanding.

Presenting the Unknown

Zacharie Gaudrillot-Roy’s Façades is an intriguing conceptual series that focuses on the ever-imposing nature of superficiality and visual preconception.

Distinct Geometry

Sydney-born George Byrne creates collage-like images that depict landscapes as painterly abstractions, utilising the process of reduction.

Charting Individualism

Deeply influenced by modernist canons, Emre Yunus Uzun, an emerging designer, looks to the future of production through material integrity.