Aesthetica Art Prize Call for Entries Count Down – Irene Fearnside

The deadline for the Aesthetica Art Prize has been extended for one day to 1 September. A celebration of excellence in art from across the world, the Aesthetica Art Prize offers artists the opportunity to showcase their work to a wider international audience. Prizes include up to £1000 cash, group exhibition, studio space and more.

Irene Fearnside, a Welsh photographic artist, was longlisted for last year’s Aesthetica Art Prize. Her working practice is drawn from personal experiences, with memory and nostalgic connections being key elements. Fearnside’s approach to her work is unassuming, with images permeated by thoughts, emotions and feelings revealed with energy and passion yet conveying peacefulness and tranquillity. Her photograph Bathers is part of a series taken from the esplanade in Tenby – coastal resort in west Wales.

Fearnside’s photographic series was inspired by childhood memories of seaside holidays and day trips with family and friends. As with many such recollections, the exhilaration and pleasure is transient, resembling the waves and tides which wash away the evidence as they ebb and flow. The elevated viewpoint in Bathers accentuates the artist’s absorption and fascination but with a sense of detachment allowing the picture to retain a pensive clearness without drifting into sentimentality.

A theme that runs through much of Fearnside’s photography depicts connections with places and people who hold personal significance. This passion for nostalgic glimpses of the past is also evident in other facets of her work, such as abandonment, decay and solitude. A graduate of Swansea Metropolitan University, Fearnside has had success in competitions and group exhibitions as well as having been awarded a public commission from the Area Health Authority.

Register your entry for the Aesthetica Art Prize 2013 by 1 September. Visit:

1. Irene Fearnside, Bathers. Aesthetica