Aesthetica Art Prize Call for Entries Count Down, Final Few Days to Enter – Phoebe Salmon

Phoebe Salmon is an artist known for her unusual and adventurous approach to art that conveys intense emotions simply through the use of abstract mark and colour. Employing oils and acrylic as the preferred mediums, her multi-layered and textured artworks project a sense of mystery and depth which invite the viewer to interpret as they wish. Salmon was longlisted in the Aesthetica Art Prize 2012 with her piece Untitled 2.

Salmon created Untitled 2, an oil on board abstract interpretation and representation of complex emotions, based on an intensely personal experience. Although the meaning and emotions which helped her to create this work are very personal, Salmon also realises that by keeping the subject matter a mystery, an individual response and interpretation will be formed by the viewer, forcing a new relationship with the painting and consequently developing a private personalisation of the piece.

Recent works by Salmon have been influenced by Abstract Expressionism and the highly sophisticated works of Gerhard Richter. The practice of combining colour and mark to express emotion is not a new concept; however, Salmon believes that the freedom of expression provided by abstract art is a ground-breaking and liberating experience for both artist and viewer.

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1. Phoebe Salmon, Untitled 2. Aesthetica