Aesthetica Art Prize Call for Entries Count Down 21 Days to Go – Daniel Shiel

Featuring as today’s artist of the day, in the countdown to the end of call for entries for the Aesthetica Art Prize on 31 August, is Daniel Shiel, whose work entitled Malakoff was longlisted in the Photographic & Digital art category in last year’s Prize.

Daniel’s professional training as an archaeologist puts his photographic work into context, though he can trace his preoccupations back to childhood holidays exploring historical and industrial landscapes. Using digital photographic collage work, he explores the textures and patterns evident in everyday objects; details that are often overlooked. The collected images provide the “materials” or “palettes” he uses to explore associations with the past, decay and loss.

The subjects he photographs have “minor histories”; from their creation to destruction; from usefulness to abandonment. Repair and recycling further act to enrich their “history” and increase the complexity of their appearance. Malakoff is a recent work that resulted from psycho-geographical adventures into marginal and semi-abandoned areas that often lie at the edge of the urban environment and the countryside.

In creating his artwork, Daniel seeks locations absent of people with an atmosphere acutely affected by the knowledge that people have been present in the past, recently or will shortly return. As a photographer, he exists in a space between these moments, observing absence.

Extracting specific details from photographic images, Daniel isolates them from their original context. The resulting structures attempt to define and express the uncertain sensations and responses experienced during his explorations. His digital pieces have a surrealist quality, becoming remote landscapes and settings of questionable and unsettling perspective and narrative.

To enter your art into this year’s Aesthetica Art Prize, please submit before 31 August. For more information and to enter visit:

1. Daniel Shiel, Malakoff, Aesthetica