Aesthetica Art Prize Call for Entries Count Down 2 Days to Go – Benjamin Nash

Benjamin Nash is a British artist living and working in Strasbourg. His artworks are notably distinctive, centred around sculpture and installation, although he is known to embed photography, collage and painting. In his three-dimensional piece [ ]~ No.7, longlisted in the Aesthetica Art Prize 2012, Nash creates morphing imagery that seems to flow from frame to frame. A tilted chair appears to melt upon its pedestal slipping away into abstraction. Playing upon the fragility of balance as well as the consequences of over-dependence on materials such as oil, Nash’s work has a poignant reference to the social issues of our time.

Rather than building up material, Nash’s artworks appear to fall apart, exposing the residue, fibres and nerve endings within. Central to his artistic process lies the philosophy that innate materials and objects absorb and radiate the organic qualities invested in them. Mixing traditional and non-traditional materials, a piece is meticulously reworked over a long period of time and through a series of complex experimentation.

Register your artwork for this year’s Art Prize during the final week before 31 August

1. Benjamin Nash, [ ]~ No.7. Aesthetica