Aesthetica Art Prize Call for Entries Countdown: 15 Days to Go. Photography.

With her work, German photographer Constanze Kratzsch has developed visual poetics by making use of surreal elements inspired by Pop Art and Dada. To Kratzsch, artistic creation gives her the freedom to construct a new world, as seen from her perspective. Longlisted for the Aesthetica Art Prize in 2016, Cormorant emphasises the elegance of the bird by using a minimalist design vocabulary.

The focus is solely on the naturalness and aesthetics of the bird, expressing the drama in the colours and showing how, in a drawing, lines can reflect and accurately reproduce the textiles and patterns of the designs. The softness of the plumage and the rough skin, which acts like armour, are clearly apparent. The body of the lifeless cormorant is its own landscape, and one in which the eye can wander back and forth. In the eye of the bird, mortality is reflected in order to convey the ephemeral creation of nature.


The Aesthetica Art Prize is open for entries until 31 August. Enter one of four categories:
Photographic & Digital Art Including but not limited to: photography, digitally manipulated work, neon work.
Three Dimensional Design & Sculpture Including but not limited to: stone, glass, metal and wood work; ceramics, textiles.
Painting & Drawing Including but not limited to: painting, illustration, calligraphy, printmaking, collage.
Video, Installation & Performance Including but not limited to: video, installation, performance art.


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1. Constanze Kratzsch, Cormorant. Courtesy of the artist.