Aesthetica Art Prize Call for Entries: Longlisted Artist Daniel Rich

Daniel Rich has been noted for his labor-intensive process, translating Google images, newspaper clippings and photographs into paintings through a variety of tools. The images he chooses as a basis for his artwork have a consistent thread of political and social commentary, which Rich brings out through their own environments. He has thus created a rich tapestry of architectural images, designed to introduce a dialogue about the changing political power structures that dominate the shared human experience.

Longlisted for the Aesthetica Art Prize 2016, Amazon Books gives form to Rich’s ideas on the power of architectural iconography within society. Featuring a mass of almost indistinguishable buildings without any form of context, it points to the relationship between image and place, and what defines a sense of meaning. Rich’s interest in how the media decides what in the world has meaning and how they choose to represent it ties into his own mediation of images.

He seems to both adhere to and reject the role of the media, by deciding what is of particular relevance to him from what they have to offer. His craft ultimately has the last word however, as he states: “The mediated image is then painted in order to invest the picture with the capability to function as a signifier and to evoke meaning and discourse”.

Entries are open for this year’s Aesthetica Art Prize. To submit, visit

1. Daniel Rich, Amazon Books. Featured in the Aesthetica Art Prize Anthology 2016.