Aesthetica Art Prize Call for Entries: Jasmine Targett, Longlisted Artist 2015

At night, when looking through her telescope, Jasmine Targett often wonders if there could be another person looking back at her. Suffering from what Francis Bacon called “a mystified incomprehension that science alone cannot cure,” Targett senses a greater connection between object and observer. Quantum Entanglement Theory, a key inspiration behind the artist’s work, implies that the observer and subject become molecularly entangled during observation, creating an osmotic transference of energy and information 10,000 times faster than the speed of light.

Her longlisted piece, What the eyes do not see, demonstrates how observation challenges the way we understand the world, and how thinking about it changes what we see. As a modern techno-romanticist, Targett seeks to reinterpret traditional materials and techniques through new technologies. Working with devices that magnify the natural world, her work offers an expanded gaze into perception, making the void between existence and nature tangible.

The Aesthetica Art Prize 2016 is now open for entries, accepting submissions across a range of media including photography, sculpture, installation, painting and artists’ film. Prizes include £5,000 courtesy of Hiscox, group exhibition, publication in 100 contemporary artists, £250 art supplies vouchers courtesy of Winsor & Newton and art books courtesy of Prestel. Selected artists are also showcased on Aesthetica’s online channels.

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1. Jasmine Targett, What the eyes do not see, 2014.