Aesthetica Art Prize Call for Entries: Ellen Jantzen, Photography & Digital Art

As an artist who approaches photography as an art form, Jantzen is interested in states of reality. As her awareness grows of the many scientific theories about multi-universes and space/time paradoxes, she finds reality difficult to define and a challenge to depict.

Drawn to this challenge, Ellen strives to make visual that which may not have a visual component. She is always interested in looking beyond the surface in the hopes of revealing something deeper and unexpected. Her Aesthetica Art Prize longlisted work A Resonant Chill draws upon imagery of forests and trees, which have played a prominent role in many folktales and legends and have been given deep and sacred meanings.

In this piece, Jantzen attempts to make visual the ephemeral nature of sacred, spiritual realms by transplanting replica trees into the natural world. She then creates ethereal forms that blend with and supplant the natural environment. One is artificial, the other a spirit form; both represent the transcendence of nature.

Attracting thousands of entries from all over the world across a range of media, the Aesthetica Art Prize is a celebration of art from across the globe, and is now open for entries. It offers both emerging and established artists the opportunity to showcase their work to a wider audience, and further their engagement with the international art world. The Judging Panel enhances its position in the industry, bringing together specialists from leading cultural institutions.

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1. Ellen Jantzen, A Resonant Chill, 2013.