Aesthetica Art Prize Call for Entries Countdown: Two Weeks to Go

There’s two weeks to go until we wrap up our Aesthetica Art Prize 2016 Call for Entries. This is your chance to engage with new audiences across an international platform. We welcome entries in a variety of disciplines including Painting & Drawing; Three Dimensional Design & Sculpture; Photographic & Digital Art; and Video, Installation & Performance.  As part of our countdown to the 31 August, we take a look a one of this year’s longlisted artists, Darren Nisbett.

Longlisted in the Photographic & Digital Art category, his work was showcased digitally on monitors at the Aesthetica Art Prize Exhibition in the Spring, and appears in print in the Future Now anthology. Also longlisted in the Prize in 2014, the photographer creates images of isolation, desolation and abandonment. He captures abandoned objects and transforms them; helping his subjects to emerge from the shadows of their surroundings.

Selected work Nomad Spirit, the plain of Helusion (2015) is a montage of images taken to create a dreamlike sense of space and loneliness around a crumbling caravan. By placing the caravan under a foreboding sky, Nisbett accentuates the idea of isolation within the desert landscape. Through his distinctive use of framing and lighting, the photographer endows his scenes with a sense of both forsaking and nostalgia. Whilst evoking such basic human emotions, he intentionally eschews any human subject from the picture, and instead explores the idea of mankind’s interference through imagery that implies society’s past presence.

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1. Darren Nisbett, Nomad Spirit, the plain of Helusion (2015).