Aesthetica Art Prize Call for Entries Countdown: Dario Vidal

Dario Vidal, a graduate from Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences in Finland, is a designer who empathises more with numbers than with letters. Algorithms, formulas and statistics are part of his professional practices which he uses as a form-finding technique for his works. He is keen on designing unique objects rather than throw-away mass-produced artefacts and his work Untitled featured in the Aesthetica Art Prize longlist.

Untitled is the product of Vidal’s contemplation of nature’s perfection. As Galileo wrote: “mathematics is the language of nature.” The artwork is based on numbers, from the mixing of the black and white paints in divergent proportions in order to deliver 10 different tones of grey, to the CNC (Computer Numerical Control) that follows a mathematical formula decoded from a sunflower.

The mathematical arrangement milled into the wooden base holds 1,000 vertical elements, which are divided into 10 different tones. The artwork is a mixture of painting and sculpture; the various tones bring a sensation of deepness into the three-dimensional canvas. The closer the elements get to the centre, the brighter they get. The movement in the canvas is evident. From the front, the viewer experiences a painting, but when looking at perspective, one experiences the depth as one would with a sculpture.

Aesthetica Art Prize call for entries is open until 31 August. Categories for entry: Photographic & Digital Art; Three Dimensional Design & Sculpture; Painting & Drawing, and Video, Installation & Performance. For more information and to submit visit

1. Dario Vidal, Untitled. Aesthetica Art Prize Longlist.

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